100 Thieves reportedly removed steel from VALORANT roster

According to a report from Upcomer's George Geddes, 100 Thieves is reportedly parting ways with VALORANT roster Joshua “steel” Nissan and will take on Aaron “b0i” Thao for the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Final Chance Qualifiers.

The report says that 100 Thieves has removed steel from the VALORANT roster and will move forward with substitute Aaron “b0i” Thao. According to Geddes, Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella will most likely take over the in-game leader position.

The team recently placed in the top four of the VCT Masters Berlin tournament after being eliminated by Envy in the semi-finals. Steel had a tough time in Berlin and finished the event with a 0.79 K/D according to

100 Thieves has one more chance to become Champion in December's Last Chance Qualifiers. During the event, nitr0 can take the in-game lead and b0i have a chance to shine in the starting lineup. However, 100 Thieves has not officially announced this roster change and the situation may change ahead of the Last Chance Qualifer.


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