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Supermassive Games ve 2K Games The Quarry Announced a new horror game called. After the series this,

Before Dawn ve The Dark Pictures's developer studio supermassiveWhat awaits us this time in The Quarry, which will be the first different game of the British studio and described as a completely different horror experience? For details, you can watch the promotional trailer below.

About The Quarry

As the sun sets on the last day of summer camp, the young overseers of Hackett's Quarry throw a party to celebrate. No children. There are no adults. No rules. However, things quickly start to deteriorate. Hunted by bloodstained residents and something far more sinister, their teen's party plans turn into an unpredictable night of horror. Relationships are tested with unimaginable decisions, while friendly bickering and flirting are replaced by matters of life and death. Choose and play as one of the nine camp overseers in this gripping story, all shaped by the choices you make among possibilities that are all connected by the threads of a spider's web. Each of the characters can become the star of the show or die before sunrise.

How will your story unfold?


Do you dare to look behind that cover? Will you investigate the cause of the screams coming from the forest? Will you save your friends? Or will you run for your life? Every choice, big or small, shapes your story and determines who dies and who survives.

A BREATHTAKING MOVIE-TAILED EXPERIENCE The latest face-capture technology and movie-like lighting techniques combine with spectacular performances from Hollywood's talented actors to bring the terrifying world of Hackett's Quarry to life as a breathtaking cinematic experience.

SHARE THIS FEAR WITH YOUR FRIENDS You can shape the story as a group in the online game*, where up to 7 invited players, to whom you entrust their fate, can watch the game with you and vote on important decisions! If you want, you can throw a horror party where each player chooses a supervisor and experience local co-op.

PERSONALIZE YOUR EXPERIENCE The difficulty level of all the elements affecting the gameplay can be adjusted, allowing players of all levels to enjoy this horror game. In addition, if you prefer to watch rather than play, The Quarry turns into an exciting cinema experience to be watched in one breath with Movie Mode. Choose how the story unfolds, sit back and watch the screaming scenes with popcorn! Cast: David Arquette as Chris David Arquette as Abigail Ariel Winter as Kaitlyn Brenda Song as Nick Evan Evagora as Emma Halston Sage Ryan as Justice Smith as Dylan Miles Robbins as Laura Siobhan Williams as Max Skyler Gisondo as Jacob Zach Tinker as Bobby Ethan Suplee as Eliza Ted Raimi as Lance Henriksen as Jedediah, Lin Shaye as Constance, and Ted Raimi as Travis * Multiplayer mode is only playable between consoles of the same generation.

The Quarry Pre-order price on Steam for 429 TL iken Deluxe Edition if the price 499 TLis . Game in development for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series, June 10, 2022 in history will be on sale.

The Quarry'Good for those who ordered with early access to the game Horror Movies Visual Filter Packs ! will be added. Choose from three cinematic filters, each reflecting a different horror movie genre The QuarryCustomize the aesthetic appearance of 's the way you want:

  • Independent Horror Movies
  • Horror Movies of the 80s
  • Classic Black and White Horror Movies

Deadline for pre-order offer is 1June 0, 2022is . Digital pre-orders: Horror Movies Visual Filter Pack will be automatically added to the game when the game is released. Terms apply.

The Quarry Deluxe Edition : Enjoy extra teen horror flair with The Quarry Deluxe Edition (Digital), which includes a host of bonus content!

  • Send the camp counselors' gaze back in time! This retro pack The QuarryIncludes new 80s-inspired cosmetic character outfits for 's playable characters. Note: 80s Throwback Character Outfits will be delivered in-game or automatically by 7pm.
  • Normally The QuarryGet instant access to Death Rewind, a retry mechanic that unlocks after you first complete . Start the story with three opportunities to reverse the death of a playable character, giving you the chance to change fate and save them in the process.
  • Hit play, sit back and The QuarryEnjoy the scariest, bloodiest, splashy version of . For fans of grindhouse grotesquery: Plenty of death, dismemberment and buckets of blood await in this brutal option for Movie Mode.
  • Choosing one of three cinematic visual filters, each reflecting a different era and iconic horror movie making style The QuarryShape 's aesthetics to your liking! Choose from 8mm style film grain (Independent Horror), retro VHS aesthetic ('80s Horror) or classic black and white cinema filter (Classic Horror).

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