Acend eliminated Team Liquid with dominant play at VCT Champions.

Acend advanced to the grand finals of VCT Champions after a stunning game against Team Liquid in today's semifinals

The first half of Bind was a preview for the rest of the series, with Acend leading 8-4 in the first half.

Acend showed why Bind was a favorite for them and punished Liquid's defense with star shots and post-plants.
Acend achieved a 13-6 victory in Liquid's map.

Despite Screamin's ace in the split, Acend was playing very dominant and closed the first half 11-1.
Although Liquid won the pistol round, it wasn't enough and Acend won the rifle round. In the end, acend brought the series to 13-5 with a 2-0 win and became the side that took the tour.

Now Acend will wait for the winner of Gambit vs KRU e Sports.


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