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Sands of Aura

The world is buried under an ocean of sand in this RPG with Souls-like combat, coming to Early Access in October.

The earth is covered with sand, not because of erosion or a natural disaster, but because the hourglass of time was shattered by an angry god, spilling its contents and burying cities.

That's the case with the fantasy world you'll explore and fight in in Sands of Aura, an open-world action RPG coming to Steam Early Access on October 21.

And those huge seas of sand? You can sail over them with your own sand boat called the Grenewake. Sounds great. Check out the gameplay trailer from the Future Games Show above.

Sands of Aura promises a punishing Spirits-like battle as you battle insect-like monsters, doomsday cults and other horrors using different fighting styles and collecting new weapons and dozens of armor sets along the way. You will also manage a settlement called Starspire and invite characters you meet in your adventures to live there.

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