Among Us VR will be playable in Meta Quest 2!

Among Us VR will be playable in Meta Quest 2022 with a planned release date next holiday season, according to Meta's announcement during the 2 Game Showcase today.

Players will be able to play Among Us VR in Meta Quest 2 later this year. The developers at Innersloth have taken a fresh look at the gameplay of their game in virtual reality and it looks really cool.

Among Us VR is the same game that fans started to love in 2020, but now it will all be played in first person in virtual reality.

You can even press the emergency button in first person view and look into your opponent's or teammate's eye shields to determine exactly what they know and don't know.

Among Us is also expected to be available on other VR platforms such as PlayStation VR and Steam VR, so the game could be a big hit in the VR community when it hits stores in 2022.

The trailer showed that players will be able to wishlist Among Us VR on both Steam and Meta Quest starting today.


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