Apple's VR headset reportedly delayed to 2023!

The initial delay is hardly surprising.

After some convincing rumors that Apple's VR/AR headset could launch in 2022, the company has apparently pushed its headset to 2023.

Apple's VR/AR headset was originally expected to be unveiled at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference last June, but technical issues have surfaced and are reportedly moving the release window to 2023, according to Bloomberg. Speaking to Bloomberg, an anonymous source reported that the delay was due to "overheating, development challenges with cameras and software making it hard to stay on track." The delay isn't exactly a surprise, although it delays the excitement for a while.

A previous report by MacRumors placed the release window for Apple's VR/AR headset in Q2022 4. With the Q4 2022 release window, any delay, big or small, could have shifted the release to 2023. The glitches in mass production are said to have pushed the launch window of Apple's headsets to early 2021 since October 2023, which makes the news of the 2023 delay for the AR/VR headset even less of a surprise.

The Apple headset aims to combine the AR functionality of Google Lens and the playability of VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2. Apple's head-mounted display is expected to use dual high-resolution 8K displays. Additionally, the headset's head and eye tracking is informed by a dozen or so cameras. As expected, Apple's headset will need to be connected to a member of the Apple family for it to work.

Apple has not yet released an official comment on the reported delay.


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