The 10 Hardest Battles in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey is full of tough challenges and Boss battles. However, fans wonder which one is the hardest to overcome.

Here are the hardest battles:

1/10 Calydonian Pig

Kalydonian Boar is one of the first meaningful battles in the game and can be challenging, especially for new players. The Pig lives in the Holy Land of Artemis in the Phokis region, and players battle it as part of the "Daughters of Artemis" quest early in the game.

The Boar is challenging in its own right, but also calls for help in the form of three or four smaller but equally aggressive pigs. This party of misthios around will run and with great strength to be uploaded . Dodging is key in this battle, and Paralyzing arrows work wonders with smaller pigs.

2/10 Cretan Bull

Four, AC: Odysseys It is one of the best tools. Flaming and Explosive arrows and weapons will make 'Conquest' and 'Mercenary' battles much easier. But fire will make things more problematic against Kretan Bull. The animal becomes even more menacing when set on fire, rages on the field and inflicts serious damage to the player. Their large horns are very lethal and have wide reach, so avoiding them is imperative.

The best strategy to use is to sneak up from behind and make a few meaningful attacks. As with all Legendary Animals, fleeing is essential to stay in combat. Having the Second Wind ability is also vital, while poison arrows can also add a minimal but appreciated bonus.


3/10 Hyena in Crocotta

Krokottas Hyena is the highest level Legendary Animal in the game. At first glance, it may seem like the slowest and simplest of all monsters. She doesn't have a wide range of attacks and her movements are somewhat erratic. Indeed, all he does seems to be jumping from side to side.

But his moves are his most dangerous weapon. Krokottas Hyena can go from one side of the court to the other in just one jump, biting the player in doing so. The key to this battle is to hit as many hits as possible while catching up with the hyena. Indeed, this is a battle in which the player does almost all the chasing.


Arguably the most famous of all Greek monsters, Medusa serves as one of the four bosses in the Gates of Atlantis questline. She lives deep in the forest of Lesbos, the northernmost island in Odyssey's massive map. Medusa has the most elaborate attacks of the four mythological creatures. It will also summon four stone mercenaries to the field and become temporarily invulnerable.

His attacks are quite effective, but he doesn't have much of an attack. It has a laser that turns the player to stone and three consecutive lightning strikes that appear on the ground. After doing these, it stays still for a few seconds, providing the perfect opportunity for the player to attack. There are also stone pillars around the battlefield, and the player can hide behind them to avoid their deadly gaze and at the same time shoot explosive arrows at it.

5/10 Arges, The Bright One

Added for free in the January 2019 update, Arges the Bright One of the Odyssey is the most burdensome overhead. Unlike the other two overheads in the game, Arges is fast and has lots of attacks. It follows a defined attack pattern that can take some time to memorize, but is preventable.

As in the previous overhead combat, players should aim for the eye to deal more damage. Lava surrounds the entire battlefield and quickly burns the player if they step on it. At one point in the battle, Arges begins to stomp on the ground, making even more lava appear on the ground. It is imperative to keep moving to avoid any contact with the flaming liquid.


Family problems, of the Odyssey It is one of the main conflicts. Indeed, throughout the game, the player tries to defeat or save their estranged siblings by chasing them around the Greek world. Players fight Diemos twice in the game. first fight, of the Odyssey It takes place during an all-out conflict between Athens and Sparta, in one of its most cinematic scenes.

The second fight is more intimate and has significant repercussions on the game's story. Deimos doesn't have the most attacks of any boss in the game, and their fights can feel overwhelming at times.

7/10 Cerberus

Mythological three-headed dog Cerberus, from Disney movies Harry Potter He's been in everything up to the series. It is one of the most enduring and iconic monsters of Ancient Greece, so of course Assassin's Creed he would get his treatment

Dog fighting is simple but brutal. Each of Cerberus' heads can throw fireballs and, like the Kroccotas Hyena, it hops across the field, albeit more slowly. Cerberus' body will start burning when his health is halved, and he will also become faster and more aggressive. This hellhound definitely lives up to its name.


8/10 Minotaur

The Minotaur's quest is surrounded by a hidden sense of fear. Players may have previously encountered another quest chain involving a minotaur that turned out to be fake and exhausted them. But when players enter the legendary Cretan maze and hear roars in the distance, there's no denying that the Minotaur is as dangerous as they come.

The fight takes place in two parts. First, the Minotaur will launch a series of defined attacks over a considerable area. When his health is halved, he will reduce the battlefield. His speed will also increase, and his attacks will become more stable, making it harder to evade them. Due to the sheer ferocity of the Minotaur, players looking for an easier time should get the Eternal Flamethrower before facing the Minotaur as fire will deal a significant amount of damage. Explosive and Fire arrows are also quite effective against this monster.


9/10 Erymanthian Boar

The second boar in the game is any player's worst nightmare. Much like his Calydonian sibling, the Erymanthian Boar charges at players, dealing serious damage with his barren horns. However, what really enrages this beast is its ability to release poison gas, which quickly depletes the player's health. The gas can also take up a large part of the area, making it nearly impossible to escape.

Second Wind, Explosive Arrows are a must in this battle. Death Arrows will also be a player's best friend and experienced archers should have no problem dealing with the Pig. However, many players will die several times trying to take down this unbearably tough beast.

10/10 Hades

The God of the Underworld has a bad reputation. He cared little for the rivalries of the Olympians and was happy to spend his time alone in his reign.

Assassin's Creed goes the mainstream route and portrays Hades in a negative light. The boss battle ranks as one of the most frustrating, brutal and abnormally long in the game. During the fight, Hades' armor has its own health bar, which is replenished frequently. His attacks are also varied and fast, and his giant staff has a ridiculous reach. When his health drops below half, the player will start using power fields that reduce adrenaline. Hades' battle is suitable for the God of the Underworld and is by far the toughest battle in the game.

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