Atari Acquires MobyGames for $1.5 Million

Atari, or at least the company that currently owns the name, announced earlier this week that it spent $1,5 million to acquire MobyGames, a website that many of you have probably used without thinking at one point or another in your life.

Founded in 1999, the site has a huge database mainly for video game credits, screenshots, and platform information. It's also a great store of quality screenshots for retro/pixel art video games.

Originally created by three high school friends (Jim Leonard, Brian Hirt, and David Berk), this site isn't the first time it's been sold; Arguably changed hands in 2010 when it was acquired by GameFly and redesigned the entire site, it quickly reverted many of these unpopular changes before being bought back by Jeremiah Freyholtz in 2013. Freyholtz has been running the site ever since, along with Simon Carless of the IGF.


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