Bazzi completes ESportsConnected roster

Bazzi started his VALORANT career with Cloud9 Korea, which was forced to disband due to Riot Games' rule that an organization cannot have more than one team playing against each other in the VCT. During this time he focused mostly on mastering Jett and a bit Breach.

After disbandment, Bazzi joined Lag Gaming, a Japanese organization, where he continued to focus on the Duelists role, occasionally recruiting other agents. Unfortunately, the team didn't do well in their last game in April 2 at the Japan Stage 2021 Challengers Playoffs.

With the arrival of Stage 3 shortly after that, Bazzi joined Crazy Raccoon, one of the top teams on the Japanese scene, and changed his role to a Vanguard with a bit of focus on Sova and Breach agents. During his last visit with Crazy Raccoon, Bazzi finished the Stage 3 Japan Challengers Playoffs in 2nd place and played at Stage 3 Masters Berlin and the VALORANT Champions Tour finals in December, despite disappointing results. In the last 3 months, Bazzi has had a 1.07 Rating, 205 ACS and 144.6 ADR in matches against Gambit Esports, Team Vikings and Team Secret.

With this latest transfer, the EsportsConnected roster is as follows:

Park "Bazzi" Jun-ki
Kim “zunba” Joon-hyuk
Kim “GodDead” Sung-sin
Yoo “Moothie” Seung-woo
Lee “k1Ng” Seung-won
Jung “fairy” Bum-gi(coach)
Jaemin "Jae-min" Jeong (Head Coach)


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