Chamber is coming to VALORANT tomorrow

The new sentinel agent Chamber is finally coming to VALORANT, after months of teasers and two weeks after its official reveal.

Fans have waited months to review Chamber and experience his unique talent focused on gunplay. Other sentinels typically avoid confrontation and let their abilities start a fight, but Chamber's kit is based on direct interaction.

There are two weapons built into his kit: a heavy pistol and a powerful operator that kills enemies with one shot.

Chamber could potentially shake up the VALORANT meta because the skill kit will change the way sentinel players approach the round. Duelists may consider using this character as his weapons are excellent options in gunfights, and his other abilities can help to evade danger or track enemy movement. The teleport ability helps players reposition against enemies or survive a difficult situation, while the Trademark ability scans and slows players caught in its area, providing an easy kill.

Fans will likely see Chamber in almost every game tomorrow as players try out the new sentinel agent and discover its potential. However, consider trying the agent in a private match to learn his skills before jumping into an actual game.

Chamber is officially coming to the game tomorrow, November 16th.


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