cNed may renew contract with Acend!

After contract negotiations with other VALORANT teams, a news from Dextero states that Mehmet Yağız “cNed” İpek will re-sign a contract with Acend. This came shortly after cNed chose not to extend his contract with Acend the way his teammates did, right after winning Champions. In doing so, cNed has reportedly wanted to look into the market and what other teams it might join, but it looks like it will stay with Acend as a result.

Acend's win at VALORANT Champions was the culmination of a great season for cNed. After winning the Tier 1 EU Masters, he cemented himself as a star duelist and Jett player.

Once Acend reached Champions, they won a controversial game against Vivo Keyd and then went on to win every match. It was just as effective in their offline game for Champions as in Berlin. As they won their first international Champions tournament, four out of five Acend players were re-signed for the future. cNeD was looking at other teams to see if they wanted a change in both NA and EU. Still, according to sources close to Dexerto, "cNeD is expected to be re-signed."

While Acend may not be the most dominant team in 2021, their success at Champions has proven them better than any other team. With cNed staying, their roster will be exactly the same as for the 2021 season. If cNed stays, the only question remaining is whether they can repeat what they did at Masters 1 and Champions. However, renegotiating with the organization means cNed can help Acend not lose its top spot anytime soon.


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