Qualified for Crazy Raccoon Champions!

Crazy Raccoon, who started the international VALORANT tournament slowly, finally got his first win today at VCT Masters Three Berlin. The team from Japan eliminated Brazil's Havan Liberty on two maps, becoming the last squad to qualify for the Champions event at the end of the year.

The series began with Havan Liberty choosing Haven. Both sides looked relaxed on the three region maps. The Mortar began to slow down his attacks after a few initial attacks, but the net's explosive Raze play and Medusa's key Cypher defense prevented Havan from taking advantage of early frags. Crazy Raccoon finished the half ahead 7-5.

In the second half, Havan had a hard time defending their offensive laps against Crazy Raccoon, bringing the score 12-5. Havan tried to return, but could not fully close the gap. Crazy Raccoon closed the Haven map 13-9.

In the big picture of the VALORANT Champions Tour, Crazy Raccoon's result today didn't matter. Just before ZETA DIVISION's loss to Vivo Keyd, Crazy Raccoon secured Japan's Champions spot in November with VCT points earned.

One of only three teams to make it to both international Masters events, the Crazy Raccoon squad didn't need a deep success in Berlin to secure that spot at the world championship.

This win, however, could be a significant impetus for the team after starting their Berlin run with a crushing loss to Gambit. Now they'll have one more chance against Gambit, who is in the play-off spot.


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