Announcement of New Layers Of Fear Game With Creepy Unreal Engine 5 Trailer

Bloober Team is developing a new Layers of Fear game that seemingly ties into the original.

Now it's October and Layers of Fear developer Bloober Team is getting into a spooky mood with the announcement of the brand new Layers of Fear game. The Polish developer isn't ready to officially pull back the curtain on the game and reveal its name, but the studio has released a teaser for the unannounced game set in the Layers of Fear universe.

The teaser, made on Unreal Engine 5, shows a very disturbing scene that harks back to the original Layers of Fear in some interesting ways. This play told the story of a painter trying to finish his greatest work and risking everything to do it. This new teaser also refers to an artist. Check out the teaser below and see what clues you can get.

The Bloober Crew followed up with 2016's Layers of Fear with a sequel about a Hollywood actor called to star in a movie set to be shot on an ocean liner in 2019.

CEO Piotr Babiebo said Layers of Fear was a groundbreaking game for the studio and helped the team grow and expand into new categories. The new game sees Bloober return to the franchise, and Babiebo said, "I'm really glad we're back in this world smarter and more experienced."


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