Work Started for Death Stranding 2

Norman Reedus said that he is in talks for Death Stranding 2, but the release date is not clear.

It appears that in Death Stranding 2, Norman Reedus is in talks to return to the post-apocalyptic United States version of Kojima. The original game is a rather divisive title from Hideo Kojima; but Death Stranding performed well commercially, despite its bizarre and otherwise niche premise.

A recent Gamescom 2021 Opening Night livestream revealed a new trailer for the Death Stranding Director's Cut, first announced in June. The trailer showed off new story content as well as new features that will hopefully improve the Death Stranding experience. While the game was praised for its story, the game was often seen as a point of contention due to its occasional boring mechanics. Given that Kojima called the sequel an expansion rather than a cut, it's possible that Death Stranding Director's Cut was relatively bland. However, given that recent developments indicate that a second Death Stranding is on the way, there seems to be more than enough content to be added to the game.


Behind the scenes footage of Death Stranding 1.

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