Envy brought his series to 2-0 with Ascent's victory over KRU Esports.

Team Envy continued undefeated in Group B in the group stage of the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Berlin today and secured first place by winning against KRU Esports. KRU performed relatively well in Icebox, but failed to take the desired steps in Ascent.

Envy and KRU entered the match as the best of Group B. Envy sent Vivo Keyd to the qualifying round with a clear 2-0 win, while KRU defeated ZETA Division 2-1. Both teams wanted to take first place from Group B, but only one was able to win.

Envy started the series on Icebox by winning the first three rounds, including an impressive 3Kill by a Marshall. However, KRU responded by winning the next four rounds and the teams went back and forth for the rest of the half, finishing the first half with a 6-6 score.

This time it was KRU's turn to start the second half strong and won the first two rounds. The rest of the half, however, fell in favor of Envy alongside an impressive 16K by NagZ in round 4. Envy finished the map by winning six rounds in a row, taking the map 13-9.

Envy finished the half 10-2 on the second map, Ascent, and secured a series win with three straight rounds in the second half.

Envy qualified for the Masters Berlin play-offs as the first team of Group B. They'll join 100 Thieves, the winner of Group C, and the other six top teams to come out of the group stage.


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