Envy shocked the Sentinels, reaching the semi-finals at VCT Masters Berlin.

Team Envy achieved the hard-to-get win over the Sentinels in the best possible time as they knocked out the reigning Reykjavik champions in the quarterfinals from VCT Masters Berlin. Envy will face another familiar face in the semi-finals.

The Sentinels started the series in Haven, took the pistol round with some Frenzy heroes on the zombs A site. It was a crazy first half with both sides winning eco rounds early and players on each team putting on big plays. But Envy was clear at the end of the first half and won every full buy-round against the Sentinels - crushing plant and post-plant games.

Envy advanced the lead with the second half pistol round. But the Sentinels are slowly making their way back to the map. Some crazy TenZ games made a comeback that sent the map in overtime. But despite this, Envy won the map 15-13.

With an amazing one-two clutch from Sagittarius, he gave Envy the pistol round, and the FNS-led team has found multiple successes in recapturing sites and intercepting the Sentinels' plantations in the weapon rounds. TenZ (Raze) had no kills after nine rounds, but did four kills on round 10, giving the Sentinels extra health to help narrow the halftime against Envy to 7-5.

Victor reversed the momentum with three classic kills that kept the tide in the second half pistol round. Envy increased the pressure on the Sentinels by winning the bonus round. Envy won the Split 13-7, bringing the series to 2-0.

This is only the third game Envy has beaten the Sentinels and the first time Envy has won while playing TenZ.

Here are the scenarios required for Envy to obtain a Champions spot.

-If Envy passes 100T in the semi-finals, they will win a place regardless of whether they win the grand final or not.

-If Envy loses, 100T must win the event for Envy to go directly to Champions.

-Envy lose to 100T and if they lose 100T in the grand final, they will have to go to the Final Chance Qualifiers.

The semi-final matchup between Envy and 100T will kick off at 2pm CT on Saturday, September 18, following the conclusion of the Gambit and G13 Esports semi-finals.


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