Cross-platform play is coming for F1 22!

Cross-platform play for F1 22 will kick off with two tests open to players over the next two weekends. Full integration is coming at the end of August.

The tests will take place between August 5 – 7 (Friday-Sunday) and August 12 -14 (Friday-Sunday). Players on different platforms will be able to compete in Social Race and Two Player Career modes. Cross-play will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X platforms.

Multiplayer with cross-platform play, F1 22 was originally intended as a launch feature when it hits shelves on July 1. However, it has been delayed for some reason. Cross-platform play has long been requested by the F1 video game community, and Codemasters has brought it to their two newest games, Dirt 1 and Grid Legends, excluding F5.

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F1 22

Thursday's announcement reassured players that crossplay could be disabled for those who only want to compete with those with the same device. Overall, Codemasters expects cross-platform play to significantly improve matchmaking in online multiplayer, allowing drivers to be matched more consistently with others of similar skill. The new feature is also expected to improve the Two-Player Career mode, which launched in 1, where Formula 2021 fans can get together to play with two friends who own the game from a different console family.


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