Fnatic has banned BraveAF, allegedly supporting Russia, from professional VALORANT matches.

After a situation with one of the VALORANT players came to light, Fnatic suspended Andrey “BraveAF” Gorchakov from professional play while launching an investigation.

BraveAF was accused of supporting Russia's invasion of Ukraine earlier today after screenshots of his correspondence with another person surfaced. Messages posted by Twitter user yXo In a rough translation, the 26-year-old actor apparently said that the West had "achieved the collapse of the USSR" and now "wants the collapse of the Commonwealth of Independent States CIS." BraveAF also stated that, according to the translation, this was "not a full-scale war" and "not about civilians".

The pro actress has since responded to the images on her Twitter account. The actress said the messages were from Thursday, February 24th and were part of a conversation she had with a Ukrainian friend. February 24 marked the beginning of Russia's all-out invasion of Ukraine.

BraveAF claimed he was just checking to make sure his friend was okay, and said that "no one knows what's going on and he's just writing about his first thoughts and first impressions." At the end of the statement, he said that he favored the end of the war and peace and stated that he did not want anyone to be injured or killed.

With the upcoming 10 VCT Masters tournament on April 2022, Fnatic said there will be more updates to the VALORANT roster over the next few days. It is unknown whether BraveAF will remain in the team's roster.


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