Free Fire's new map Alpine will be released on December 31st

A new battlefield is coming to Free Fire with the release of Alpine. The map was originally a fishing village, but during the Winter War it became a military outpost when Team Elite battled against Mr. Red and the Yeti for the stolen energy core.

Alpine will be released on December 31 for classic and ranked modes. Players can now control the map through a new VR experience where some mini-adventures can also be completed. Here are some images of the new map:

The first day of the new year has been called New Age Day, and there will be many events as the new map comes out. All players who log in today will receive a Yeti pet, among other collectible items. Garena also brings “never seen before” events to Free Fire.

Players can battle on the new map to get Magic Cube Pieces. These can be exchanged for "specials" in the Magic Cube exchange shop.

Some limited-time packs that include a Winter Icerunner Costume Pack will also be available in the exchange shop. These can be unlocked as players get more New Age tokens.


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