Frosty Fest returns to Rocket League on December 16

Rocket League's annual winter event, Frosty Fest, returns, adding winter-themed items, limited-time modes, and more.

When Frosty Fest goes live on December 16 at 11:00 CT, players will have access to Frosty Fest Challenges that will unlock Ring-a-Ling Wheels, the “Abominable Throwman” Player Title, new stickers and more special festival items. All players will have access to a Ski-Free Player Banner in the Item Shop as long as they request it before the event ends.

There will also be a new “Frosty Pack” item pack available in the Item Shop for 1.100 Credits, which will contain the following items:

Tygris (Red Painted)

Frostbite Boost (Forest Green Painted)

Miracle Wheels (Red Painted)

Sub-Zero Goal Burst (Forest Green Painted)

Golden Gifts also returns with different challenges that can be completed five times. Doing these quests will unlock special items from the Zephyr, Elevation, and Vindicator Item Series.

During Frost Fest, players will be able to pitch in Ranked, Casual and Private matches in a seasonal variant of Beckwith Park. Additionally, Winter Breakaway and Spike Rush are returning as featured LTMs.


The event, which kicks off on December 16, will run until the end of 2021 as the Psyonix team takes a hiatus and prepares more content for Rocket League and its mobile spin-off, Rocket League Sideswipe.


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