Ghostwire: Tokyo developer Announces New Project With Evil Within 2 Director

Shinji Mikami, founder of Tango Gameworks, recently announced that the studio is working on a title directed by the previous director of The Evil Within 2.

The Evil Within series creator and founder of Tango Gameworks Shinji Mikami, recently announced that another new game is in development – ​​and it's being run by former Evil Within 2 director John Johanas. While little is known about this future project, Tango Gameworks is currently developing Ghostwire: Tokyo, which will release in 2022 and features supernatural, action-oriented gameplay along with the studio's well-known horror aesthetic.

Mikami; After leaving Capcom in 4, where he directed Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2007, he briefly worked at PlatinumGames before founding Tango Gameworks in 2010. Released nearly four years later, the original Mikami-directed The Evil Within opened Tango Gameworks to the gaming industry to generally positive reviews. Johanas joined Tango Gameworks in 2010 as the visual effects designer for The Evil Within and was the director of their DLC before directing the sequel.

In a segment featuring Phil Spencer, vice president of gaming at Microsoft, Mikami (IGN announced that Tango Gameworks is developing its next game. Mikami stated that Johanas is in charge of the brand new project. The veteran horror developer didn't provide further details or hints on what this new game could potentially be, but told Spencer “Right now John is in the midst of energetically working on a new game” said. He also stated that giving opportunities to young professionals such as Mikami and Johanas in the industry goes hand in hand with the creation of new titles, “As a studio that strives to offer great opportunities to young people, we always take the challenge of creating new games.”

While it's unknown what Johanas diligently worked on, The Evil Within IP's trademark was renewed for "continuous use" last year by ZeniMax Media (former Tango Gameworks parent company before it was acquired by Microsoft). Spencer has previously expressed excitement at the thought of working with the horror genre studio during the acquisition celebrations. This, Microsoft's The Evil Within may imply that he has given the green light to another episode of the series.

While little is known about Tango Gameworks' upcoming game, the project will likely include disturbing concepts and horror-related content.

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