The heart of Google's Stadia tech is now licensed

In May last year, Google announced in June that it would license the technology to "industry partners." It was reported last month that Google plans to turn it into a white-label publishing platform; this strategy was known internally as Google Stream (it was one of Stadia's prototype names).

It's official now. At the 'Google for Games Developer Summit' the company announced that it will sell the underlying technology as a Google Cloud service… 'Immersive Release for Games'. I didn't think Stadia was such a great name, but it's a mouthful: of course, it's now a B2B service rather than attracting consumers.

The keynote featured a rendering of Batman: Arkham Knight running on AT&T mobile devices that no longer has any Stadia or even Google branding left. Google has a clear scale that this could be an attractive proposition for some companies: When reports started flying about this pivot, Bungie and Capcom were said to be interested in using the technology for their own purposes.


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