Which Game Type Do You Belong To?


What do you do in your spare time?

Which game do you play most with friends?

How would your friends describe you?

Which of the pictures below makes you feel at home?

How long does it take you to lose focus while doing a job?

Why do you play games?

Choose your favorite color.

What is your favorite color?

Which side would you want the world to end from?

What type of player are you?
Horror thriller

Congratulations, you are a psychopath who enjoys horror and suspense! People are afraid of things they can't understand, but you like to go over them and overcome your fears... When you come home from your stagnant day, you like to turn off the lights and give yourself tension at full volume. If you're such a fan of the horror and thriller genre, don't miss TheGamerStation's article on The Best Horror Games... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDyhGwoY7TnIqT2NYvPh12w

No matter what anyone says, it's our hand, Aimbot! We love beheading our enemies, whether to satisfy our ego or to show off our competitive abilities, because the nature of the Sniper breed demands it.
Action adventure

Diving into other worlds, stories and putting yourself in the place of the main character is an indispensable pleasure for Action-Adventure players! When you get into this genre, you won't realize how fast time flies as you focus on completing stories and solving the enemies and problems you encounter.

High Speed ​​and Adrenaline, that's your lifestyle! It doesn't matter what type of race it is Air-Land-Sea... The only thing that matters to you is that your opponents swallow their dust!

Whatever the end of the world may be, Survival players will somehow find a way to survive! Even if the game encounters 1000s of problems to intimidate them, the will of Survival players is made of steel. We stay hungry! We may die, but we will never fall!

Which of us did not shout in joy after beating our friend in PES and Fifa. Some of us filled the triangle and some of us lined up with messi. Athletes inside us as well as outside!

RPG / MMORPG is the type of game we find ourselves in when we get bored of life outside the house. We took good care of the character we created ourselves. We did not eat, we did not drink, we drank. We couldn't find a place in the outside world, so we created our own world here!

Intelligent people are the focus of a civilization building or battlefield! Strategies that they think and develop for hours will make them taste the light of victory at the end of this road!

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