Final Fantasy IX Remake Made By Fans Looks Better Than The Official Game

A group of fans are currently working on an unofficial remake of Final Fantasy IX, with an impressive teaser trailer released yesterday.

A talented team of fan-developers, an unofficial Final Fantasy IX released a visually stunning trailer for its remake. After last year's long-awaited and well-received Final Fantasy VII Remake, there have been many other great projects like this one, including a full 2001K remaster of the 4 classic Final Fantasy X.

Final Fantasy IX, released on the original PlayStation in 2000, told the story of a young thief named Zidanne Tribal and his colorful misfit team as they fight to save the world of Gaia from the evil Kuja and the forces of Queen Brahne. Unlike previous parts such as Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX returned to a more whimsical medieval setting and had a slightly more lighthearted tone. While not as popular as the Final Fantasy games that preceded it or the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy X after it, Final Fantasy IX still has a small and loyal following in Square Enix's long-running JRPG mega franchise. Of course, the Zidanne and Mage Smasher dagger pair have appeared countless times over the years in spin-offs like the Dissidia Final Fantasy series.

Square EnixWhether or not it's really working on a Final Fantasy IX remake, as hinted by this month's Nvidia GeForce leak, there's no denying that fans want to return to the colorful world of Gaia and reunite with classic characters like Zidanne, Vivi, Freya and more. not possible. Dan Eder and his team are currently working to fill that desire to some extent with the unofficial and unplayable Final Fantasy IX: Memoria Project, and from the teaser trailer it looks like it's coming in nicely.

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