Xbox Live Gold Games For June 2022 Announced!

Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can now claim Aven Colony and Super Meat Boy for free. Later this month, Project Highrise Architect's Edition and Raskulls will also be free for subscribers. As always, the four free titles include a couple of modern titles and two older titles playable on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One via backward compatibility. You can also claim one of May's freebies, The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk, until June 15.

Aven Colonyis a city building game that asks you to build a house for people on an alien planet. You can control every aspect of your city, from infrastructure decisions to the health and well-being of your colonists. Aven Colony has multiple difficulty levels so you can tailor the experience to your skill level. The game will be claimable throughout the month of June.

Project highriseis a management simulation different from Aven Colony. The game is just a 2D tower building game that revolves around building and managing skyscrapers. Project Highrise is inspired by the 1994 PC game SimTower: The Vertical Empire. From June 16 to July 15, you can claim the game for free.

Yet Super Meat Boy If you haven't, now is your chance to play one of Xbox Live Arcade's first big success stories. Super Meat Boy is a challenging precision platform game that has been great since its release in 2010. Super Meat Boy will be free until June 15. By the way Goodbyeis a crazy action-platformer with cartoon visuals and more than 60 scrolling levels. Goodbye It will be free in the second half of June.

On the other hand, Microsoft announced the list of games that will come to Game Pass in the first half of June. You'll also want to check out the list of games that are leaving the service this month.

Xbox Live Gold June 2022 Games

  • Aven Colony (June 1-30)
  • Super Meat Boy (June 1-15)
  • Project Highrise: Architect's Edition (June 16 - July 15)
  • Raskulls (June 16-30)


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