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How to Change Snapchat Font Size?

Is the font size in your Snapchat chats too large or too small? You can change the size as you wish by changing the system settings on Android or iPhone.

If Snapchat users have trouble reading text in chats, it is possible to change the font size through their smartphone's system settings. The chat page is where Snapchat users communicate with friends, exchange Snaps, or send text messages. If the text size is too small it can be difficult to read, and if it is too large it takes up too much space on the screen. The good news is that it's easy to change the font size on both Android and iPhone.

Snapchat chat messages can grow or shrink because it syncs the text size with the overall font size on users' devices. If users don't like how their chat messages look, they can change the font size using Control Center on iPhone or Font Size settings on Android. To do this on iPhone, first open the Settings app, tap 'Control Center' and press the + button next to 'Text Size'. Now open Snapchat and swipe down from the top right corner to open Control Center. Tap the 'Aa' button to open the Text Size control and use the slider to adjust it to your preferred size. Select 'Only Snapchat' at the bottom of the screen to apply the change.

How to Change Android Snapchat Font Size

Now open Chat and the new font size should be enabled. If not, Snapchat recommends closing the app from the recent apps section or, if that doesn't work, restarting the iPhone. On Android, users will need to open the Settings app, go to 'Display' and select 'Font Size and Style'. In the following screen, change the font size using the horizontal slider at the bottom. A preview of the new font size can be viewed at the top of the screen. After choosing the size, open the Snapchat app.

While changing the font size on iPhone is reflected in chat messages, Android applies text settings to more app sections, including the Settings page, contacts page, and more. In fact, changing the font size on Android is implemented as a system-wide change, so users need to make sure they use the new font size across all apps, not just Snapchat.

Besides changing the font size, users can customize their Snapchat app in other ways. For example, users have the option to switch to dark mode or change notification sounds for their friends or groups. Users can also customize their Friend Emoji, for example turning a red heart into a pizza emoji for their #1 best friend. Snapchat+ subscribers have even more options, like customizing the capture button on Snapchat or changing the background wallpaper of their chats.

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