Two Elder Scrolls games are coming to Steam.

Bethesda adds The Elder Scrolls Arena and Daggerfall following PC launcher shutdown

Classic The Elder Scrolls games are coming to Steam following the shutdown of the launcher.

Announced by Bethesda via a blog post (opens in new tab), The Elder Scrolls Arena and Daggerfall are coming to Steam for the first time. The developer shared in the post: “With the sunset of the Launcher, we will be making several of our previously unavailable games available on Steam.”

Apart from The Elder Scrolls, Bethesda is bringing the likes of the Creation Kit and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition to Steam. The Fallout 76 Public Test Server (PTS) is now also available on Steam.

Bethesda previously announced earlier this year that it would shut down its PC launcher in May. In preparation for this, players were told to transfer their game data to Steam, where the developer will continue to release and update their games on PC. 

If you haven't done this yet, don't panic. Bethesda also said: “You have plenty of time to plan and get started with migrating your library to your Steam account.” Having said that though, it's probably best to start the migration process, including saving your game library, Wallet, and files, because the launcher will be shutting down next month.

Bethesda has shared a handy FAQ to help players switch from their launcher to Steam. Some of the questions answered in the post include what happens if you already have a game you're trying to transfer on Steam, whether players will still need a account, and what will happen to certain games like The Elder Scrolls Online. during the transition. 


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