Internet Explorer Is Officially Dead

Internet Explorer is dead. Microsoft is retiring IE today, nearly 27 years later. The aging web browser is sinking into the sunset in favor of Microsoft Edge today, with support for IE 11 officially withdrawn. After Microsoft initially moved away from the Internet Explorer brand with the release of Windows 2015 in 10, the era of internet explorer came to an end.

Not much has changed for consumers because Internet Explorer usage has dropped in recent years. StatCountershows that IE has less than 0,5 percent of the total browser market share.

In the coming months, Microsoft will begin to introduce a new prompt directing those who still use Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge. Eventually, Internet Explorer will be permanently disabled as part of a future Windows update.

Although Microsoft has switched to Chromium-powered Edge as the default browser in Windows 11, the MSHTML engine supporting Internet Explorer is still part of Windows 11. It's only available for IE mode in Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft says it will support IE mode. (on Edge until at least 2029)

Businesses have largely switched to Edge's IE mode for very old web apps and sites that still require Internet Explorer. Microsoft created this IE mod for Edge in 2019 and this mod supports legacy ActiveX controls that many older sites still use. Spiritually, Internet Explorer will continue to live in this mode.

Probably thousands of businesses around the world also use Internet Explorer. Microsoft has warned about the deprecation of today's Internet Explorer for years and is still vigilant with warnings and redirects until the browser is completely removed in the coming months.

Windows 11 users won't have to worry about Internet Explorer as it doesn't include an accessible version of IE. It's not the first time in over 20 years that Microsoft has bundled IE with a new version of Windows.


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