Here are the VALORANT 3.12 Patch notes

VALORANT Patch 3.12 is a relatively minor update, but adds agent-specific keybindings, a penalty for friendly fire, and other useful changes.

Patch 3.12 introduces agent-specific keybinds and allows players to customize the keybindings for each agent. New options are available in the Controls section. Players can “create, delete and search keybinding profiles for each agent”. You can only create one profile per agent.

A new option has also been added to copy your default keybindings to one or all profiles. And when there is a conflict in profiles, you can now see what other items are assigned to the binding. Players can also undo individual changes made to the links in their profile for each key assignment. Undoing assignments will reset them to how they were when the profile was created.

A new option in patch 3.12 allows players to report others in the agent selection menu. Some players explicitly state that they are toxic in the pre-game menu, and the new option lets you report them much sooner. If you enjoy the experience, you can also add players to your friends list from the agent selection screen.

Friendly fire detection is one of the most exciting updates in Patch 3.12.

Players who intentionally and excessively harm their teammates will now be penalized. Penalties have not been announced, but there will likely be match cooldowns or potentially bans.

Riot Games has listened to the community and once again displays the large player cards on the loading screens. The minor patch also “integrates selected changes and bug fixes for Slate/UI from Unreal Engine 4.26 and 4.27.” Fixed a bug that caused abilities involving a held object to be displayed incorrectly in third person. Fans will notice this change in Skye, Sage, Jett, Yoru, and Reyna. The bug that allowed players to spam party invites has also been fixed.

You can read the full patch notes on the official VALORANT website.

Click to access the patch notes.


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