Here are the VALORANT Patch 4.05 notes

A new patch has been added to the VALORANT live servers today. Update 4.05 brings changes specifically to Brimstone, one of the game's controllers.

The agent was recently buffed, and while the developers were happy to see Brim getting more playtime, they thought the Stim Beacon ability was too powerful. As a result, the number of Stim Beacons was reduced from two to one, and the cost increased from 100 to 200 credits.

Other than that, the most important changes in Patch 4.05 are a competitive update and a game system update. The Deterministic Map System has been enabled for all regions and will likely increase the variety of maps played. The developers have also added the option to import and export different crosshair settings via auto-generated codes.

Patch 4.05 also brings a handful of bug fixes. For example, Sova's Recon Bolt will no longer be destroyed by Brimstone's Orbital Strike if the Recon Bolt is out of range. Riot acknowledged that there are some bug fixes made for Icebox, but these were not implemented in this update. The developers hope to push these bug fixes in the next patch.



While it's exciting to see you all benefit from Brimstone's final Stim Beacon balance in new ways, we think the two Stim Beacons undercut the importance of placing it at the right time.

Stim Beacon:
Number of purchases down reduced to 2 > 1
Cost increased 100 > 200

Game system updates

Crosshair Settings

Added ability to import and export different crosshair settings via auto-generated codes.
To export and share your personal crosshair settings, go to Settings > Crosshair tab > click the icon next to Crosshair mark Profile that looks like an upward pointing arrow (it looks like a creepy up arrow in the middle of a bowl). Your automatically generated code will be copied to your clipboard.
To import target crosshair settings, go to Settings > Target tab > click the icon that looks like a downward pointing arrow next to Crosshair Target Profile. Enter or paste the code into the field provided and click the "Import" button.
The crosshair mark preview at the top of the Settings Menu should reflect the imported settings. Make sure to give it a unique profile name!

Updated the "Prioritize Strongest Weapon" setting

“The purpose behind this setting is for players to advance quickly by wielding their blades, and after using an ability or using Spikes, ultimate orbs, etc. after interacting with them is to ensure that they are ready for battle.

Renamed to Auto Hardware Priorities: Latest | The strongest.
Updated priority system to support weapon-like abilities (previous priority: Primary > Secondary > Melee).
New priority: (Ultimate and Primary) > (Secondary and Chamber Pistol) > Melee.

Added a new setting: Automatically Equip Melee.
The auto skips melee when it finds the newest weapon to equip.
After channeling or using abilities, it prevents melee retreats without changing any other auto-equip behavior.
“When considering how abilities fit, deciding whether Jett's blades or primary weapon is 'more powerful' depends on the game context and your preference. How many knives do you have left? How close is the enemy? In playtesting, we found that the best heuristic is whichever weapon you equip first, since which weapon is more contextually stronger.”

Competitive Updates

The Deterministic Chart System has been enabled for all regions.
As described in Patch 4.04, this rollout will expand the variety of maps based on a system we've tested in the LATAM region.

Fixed Bugs


Fixed a bug that caused the Leave Match button to work incorrectly for PBE players.


Fixed Sova's Sight Arrow being destroyed by Brimstone's Ultimate ability even if the Sight Arrow was well outside of the area.


Fixed a bug where the microphone icon on the scoreboard could not interact with mouse hover.

Known Issues

“There are bug fixes available for Icebox, but the team ran into an issue at launch 4.05 that prevented us from shipping them. We hope to ship them before the next patch and will list them here as soon as we do.”


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