Snowball Fight returns to VALORANT

Snowball Fight, VALORANT's newest limited-time game mode, is back. The game mode, released last year, puts players in a five-on-five scenario where they can throw snowballs, open gifts, and ice skate around the Icebox in a winter-themed deathmatch.

In addition to your agent's melee weapon, there are no weapons or abilities that can be used in Snowball Battle, except the Snowball Starter, which is provided to you at the start of each game. In Snowball Battle, players' total health is only 100, so each snowball that deals 150 damage provides instant kills.

The first team to reach 50 kills (or have more kills when the six-minute timer expires) wins. Snowball Fight games grant 750 XP, plus an additional 150 XP if your team is on the winning side of the game.

During a game of Snowball Fight, players receive gifts that power up your Snowball Launcher. From the Ricochet bonus, which lets snowballs bounce off walls, to the Growball buff that makes your bullet get bigger as you go further, players have many options to make themselves stronger in a Snowball Fight game.

Snowball Fight won a fan vote from Riot Games last month, knocking out Escalation and Replication, and re-ranking on the VALORANT client. Snowball Fight will be live on VALORANT throughout the holiday season and will be playable until January 11.


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