The First Video of Our Horror Sessions Video Series Has Been Released.

We started our horror series video series with Outlast 2.

Now every Saturday at 20.00:XNUMX on our youtube channel we are with you. We started our horror series video series with Outlast 2. If you want to spend a lot of fun with us, I recommend you to follow this series. But don't worry, we will be here with not only horror games but also games in different categories. Let's skip the video now.

Outlast 2 Horror Sessions Part 1

Outlast 2, previous games in the series Outlast ve Outlast: Whistleblower It is a first person survival horror game like The game takes place in Northern Arizona. Moreover Outlast 2As in the first game, he generally kept his storytelling technique by recording with the camera and collecting evidence. The player will control Blake Langermann, an investigative journalist. Blake and his wife Lynn investigate a murder in the devastated areas of Supai at the western edge of the Colorado Plateau.

Just like in the first game, Blake cannot defend himself in any way in the game, except for the cutscenes that are not under player control. But original OutlastIt can hide in lockers, bend, run, jump, jump over obstacles, slide and climb. Apart from these, it can be stored in empty drums and under beds; It can hide itself by diving into puddles.

However, unlike the first game, Blake has a much more limited energy and so the player has to manage how long they run. Blake carries a camcorder with night vision. But when the camera's night vision is used, the batteries in it run out much faster. Unlike the first game, since Blake is a videographer, he uses an advanced camera with clearer vision, zoom capability, and a built-in sound detection system added to the camera's speakers to hear distant sounds more clearly. The player can review the images he recorded with his camera at any time and check the items he owns. Blake can grab the batteries needed for his camera, which has been around throughout the game, and can also collect bandages to bandage his wounds.

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