Sonic Colors Ultimate Patch to Fix Launch Issues!

After players experienced many bugs in Sonic Colors: Ultimate, the developers are planning to release a patch to fix issues affecting the game's performance.

The release of a new video game is crucial to its success. of the game; After building anticipation months or even years from the fan base, it's critical that it delivers the experience fans expect. However, this doesn't always happen as there are many examples of disaster launches in the video game industry. Lately, Sonic Colors: UltimateThe developers behind it are also grappling with a number of post-release problems.

Sonic Colors UltimateAlthough the full version of 's is not until September 7, fans who bought it with early access have already started to review the game. This remastered edition of the 2010 Wii game aims to provide fans of the franchise with an updated version of one of Sonic's best 3D adventures. Unfortunately the game seems to be full of bugs since launch. Obviously this is not desirable for the developers at Blind Squirrel Games, but as a result they have promised to fix the game with an upcoming patch.

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