Legends of Runeterra powers the Iceborn Legacy!

Freljord is taking over the meta thanks to the Iceborn Legacy buff.

A buff to Iceborn Legacy in Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.0 shook the meta with five costly spells that went from Slow to Burst speed.

Numerous balance changes have been implemented in LoR ​​Patch 3.0. Iceborn Legacy had a huge impact on the meta through Elusive Daring Poro. The switch from Slow to Burst speed was probably aimed at improving the Shadow Isles spider builds he had. But a build created by NicMakesPlays along with Poro Snacks has become one of the best LoR decks to climb the ladder using Iceborn Legacy in Daring Poro.

Iceborne Poros focuses on Daring Poro, where you have at least nine copies of the card in hand through the Poro Cannon spell. Players can create even more Brave Poros with Iterative Healing and heal hand spawn Elusive through Poro Herder and Time Trick. Not having Iceborn Legacy greatly lowers the power level of the LoR deck, causing many players to keep it in their opening hand.

According to MajiinBae, there are decks against Iceborn Poros where Shyvana Pantheon applies a hit to the Elusive Aggro build. The Dragon Pantheon build is a high-end LoR tournament deck with plenty of lifting spells and the option to Rally via Golden Aegis.

The Iceborn Legacy also had a huge impact on spiders through a rapidly growing Control structure created by Cephalopod. The shell is built around spiders, without the five-cost Burst spell, Iceborn Legacy and pressure with tempo. The Vengeance buff in LoR ​​Patch 3.0 reduced the lifting spell to six cost, making it a solid Control build option along with Withering Mist and The Box.

In the Iceborne spider LoR deck also Trundle, his Base stats have been buffed in Patch 3.0. With two copies of The Howling Abyss, the deck ramps up quickly while checking board status and can finish off opponents in different ways.

At the time of this writing, no LoR hotfixes were planned by Riot targeting the Iceborn Legacy. The 3.0 meta is still open though. Iceborn Legacy's counterdecks are increasing, and newer builds like Kindred and Virgo are evolving every day.


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