Codes Found to Unlock Hidden Characters in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Right after its release on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, there are characters hidden in the game that you cannot unlock by playing, but you can unlock with codes, and the necessary codes to unlock these characters were found.

A few of these codes, which have become classics in the LEGO series, were also discovered in the new game of The Skywalker Saga and are still being discovered. You can open these hidden characters by entering the codes below instead of entering the code in the menu in the game.

How to Enter Secret Codes in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

There are two different ways to enter a code. You can pause the game and go to Enter Code or open your Holoprorector and go to Enter Code. When you come to one of these tabs, you will see a keyboard with seven character slots.

Characters With Christmas Costumes

  • C-3P0 (Holiday Special): C3PHOHO
  • Darth Vader (Holiday Special): WROSHYR
  • DO (Holiday Special): TIPSYIPS
  • GNK Droid (Holiday Special): LIFEDAY
  • Itchy (Holiday Special): wookiee
  • Poe Dameron (Holiday Special): CORDOKU

Some Vehicles and Special Characters

  • Aayla Secura: KH7P320
  • Admiral Holdo: XV4WND9
  • Dengar: OKV7TLR
  • Darth Sidious (Emperor Palpatine): SIDIOUS
  • Nute Gunray: WBFE4GO
  • Poggle the Lesser: Z55T8CQ
  • Ratts Tyrell: GR2VBXF
  • Grand Moff Tarkin: 3FCPPVX
  • Temmin Wexley: skysaga
  • Mr. Bones: BAC1CKP
  • The Razorcrest (Vehicle): ARVALA7
  • Resistance Shuttle (Vehicle): SHUTTLE

After entering the cheat code correctly, you will be greeted with a screen saying you have unlocked a character or vehicle. You only need to enter the code once to unlock the character, so don't worry about entering it multiple times. 

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