Marvel's Midnight Suns Will Last 40 to 60 Hours

A new interview with Firaxis Games revealed that Marvel's Midnights Suns will take an estimated 40 to 60 hours to complete with no time limit.

A new interview with developer Firaxis Games, the new turn-based role-playing superhero game Marvel's Midnight SunsIt revealed that the ' is estimated to be finished between 40 and 60 hours. Marvel's Midnight Suns, which was revealed to be developed by the creators of XCOM last month, will have no time limit and will have a different set of design goals and mechanics. This will allow players to master the game at their own pace and learn about the new turn-based card system.

Marvel's Midnight Sunswas announced as a new XCOM-style superhero game by publisher 2K Games last month. It promises to plunge into a darker part of the Marvel Universe and The Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Blade and many more iconic characters to be confirmed. Although created by Firaxis Games, the developer best known for the popular tactical role-playing series XCOM, Marvel Midnight Suns has been shown to replace the original tactical formula with a brand new turn-based system that includes a deck of cards.

Insomniac's success Spider-Man Thanks to its games, Marvel is accelerating the development of newer games and has seen a renaissance in the last few years. Recently a Black Panther: War For Wakanda DLC Along with Marvel's Avengers receiving the expansion, Eido's Montreal is also beloved Guardians of the Galaxy announced a game adaptation for However, expectations are high for Marvel's Midnight Suns as its diverse roster of heroes and focus on long-term relationships give the Marvel universe a more appropriate depth.

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