Microsoft is bringing back Twitch streaming to the Xbox dashboard

Twitch streaming will return to the Xbox dashboard after it was removed by Microsoft in 2017. Alpha and fast alpha members will be the first Xbox users to witness the return of Twitch streaming integration to the Xbox dashboard.

The Twitch streaming option is similar to the additional interface that was first released in 2014 and allows users to start broadcasting their games right away in the “Capture & Share” tab of the Xbox guide. Users will only need to link their Twitch account to the Xbox console to be able to hit the “Go live now” button.

The new dashboard feature will also support audio and video components for live streaming, switching between microphone and webcam options. Under “More Options”, users will be able to control both game and microphone volume, resolution and bitrate.

While live, viewers can watch your broadcast from any device that supports the broadcast platform. On the Xbox console itself, players who follow you can receive notifications when you go live. To set this up, users need to go to the Xbox Notifications tab in Preferences and select their desired live stream settings.


“We've heard your feedback and are excited to bring back the fan favorite feature, redesigned and better than ever before,” Microsoft said in the official announcement. While currently only available for Alpha members, Microsoft plans to expand Twitch integration to all users with a new dashboard update.

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