Minecraft Players Create Playable Chess Game From Item Frames

A clever couple of Minecraft players have created a functional in-game chess set where item frames are used as wood and certain items as stones.

Minecraft Two clever brothers playing the game made an in-game chessboard using item frames. Mojang's hugely popular survival sandbox game gives players the tools to build almost anything their mind can imagine.

Mojang is Minecraft's upcoming Caves & Cliffs Part 2 While continuing to release official updates such as the update, players also continue to innovate using the resources already available in the game.

Although it was released more than a decade ago Minecraftis still supported by developer Mojang through updates and expansions. The game's latest expansion, Caves & Cliffs Part 1, has added many new features to the game's highest peaks and lowest caves. Various new underground minerals like copper and amethyst make the mining part of Minecraft a little more robust. Meanwhile, new creatures have been added to various regions such as ibex and underwater glowing squid. Scheduled to arrive at the end of 2021, Caves & Cliffs Part 2 will include even more new additions such as torches and a fix for the temperature clashes of biome changes in Minecraft, which will make worlds a little more realistic.

While official updates are great, Reddit user MastaEcoval and his brothers used in-game items to create a clever Minecraft chess set. The game of chess uses item frames that allow players to display their items for all to see. By arranging these squares in a grid, chess can be played by simply removing items and moving them to a new square. Clever players seem to use helmets as pawns, boots as rooks, knights as knights, trousers as bishops, breastplates as queens, and skeleton heads as kings. Different materials for each armor set allow the game to have two distinctly colored piece sets.

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