Minecraft Player Made An Amazing Rocket

For many players, Minecraft is the pinnacle of sandbox games and its most iconic game. Minecraft has not only been around for over a decade, but its game has caught the attention of players for its accessibility and simple style and the unlimited creative possibilities it offers to players. Benefiting from the game's robust and expanding build and build systems  Minecraft Its actors have managed to build astonishing works over the years. 

Using the freedom of the game, players can enjoy incredible works of art or Redstone The type of masterpiece is also unimportant, as it allows him to build works with machine parts. Minecraft In , simple but beautiful work and incredibly complex artifacts such as fully-functioning calculators can coexist.

However, some players think that more complex artworks are more impressive and innovate with the desire to leave complex artworks produced by other players behind. Along with these great artifacts, crazy artifacts can be crafted, such as a fully mobile Minecraft tank that can activate TNT.

via: Reddit user sleeping_Prince

Recently, a Reddit user managed to build a rocket ship that can actually launch into the air. Reddit user sleep Prince He was the maker of the rocket and captured the moment it was launched into the air along with clips of it. Although the reflections created by the rocket during takeoff may seem strange at first, anyone who sees the use of Redstone can immediately notice the vehicle's mechanism. The reason for the reflections created during take-off is that each part moves independently and has pistons that constantly push them into the air.

The thing is, the rocket is an artifact like a gigantic Minecraft medieval city, but the pistons move it up one block at a time, making it look like it's flying. Even if this work doesn't fit with the working logic of real-life rockets, it doesn't take away the fact that the work that has been revealed is an incredible work.
As Minecraft fans continue to create masterpieces like a realistic drawing, players create amazing artifacts like Sleep Prince's awesome rocket. You can buy Minecraft's on Steam, PlayStation and Xbox and you can enjoy the fun by creating incredible masterpieces using your own creativity.

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