MLB The Show 22 Adds Kevin Youkilis to Legends Roster

MLB The Show 22 has announced the addition of three-time All-Star and two-time World Series Champion Kevin Youkilis from Boston to its Legends roster.

The Legends roster for MLB The Show 22 continues the trend of announcing a new addition each week. Last week, Mike Mussina attended MLB The Show 22, and a week later the roster is growing with one of the Boston Red Sox's most notable names in the 2000s.

Having spent just ten years in MLB, nine seasons with the Red Sox and the last season with the Yankees, Kevin Youkilis is the newest member of MLB The Show 22. Three-time All-Star and two-time World Series Champion, retired in 2013.

As San Diego Studio continues to prepare for the April release of MLB The Show 22, baseball fans are excited about the idea of ​​playing as the 2007 Golden Glove winner. The addition of Youkilis to the Legends roster is already creating some speculation as to who might be next. Over the past month, the latest additions seem to be all about iconic couples, and that could mean next week's roster announcement could feature another former Boston Red Sox alum. The roster features players from multiple generations and offers players the opportunity to mix and match the stars of the '80s with the players that made the headlines in the 2010s.

Nicknamed the "Greek God" by the fans, Youkilis frightened opponents with his versatile ability to play both first and third base. He made his All-Star Game in 2008, finishing third in the MVP voting that same year, and finishing the season with a career-high 168 hits. In his nine years as a member of the Red Sox, Youkilis made three All-Star Games and won the World Series twice, in 2004 and 2007. He played in one final season as a member of the Yankees, but only appeared in 28 games.


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