Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PC.

Monster Hunter Rise comes to PC with enhanced textures, unlimited frame rates, and ultra-wide support.

Monster Hunter World was in many ways a game changer for the franchise. Monsters have never looked so scary, prey has never looked so heartfelt, and Palicos have never looked so cute. Also, for the first time in Monster Hunter history, developers have eliminated loading screens, bringing the game closer to the open world than ever before.

of Iceborne With its release, the game just got better and for a while it seemed like the gold standard on the platform for Monster Hunter. Pretty soon, it won't be like that anymore. There's a new competitor throwing his hat in the ring.

Monster Hunter Rise is officially coming to PC! While Rise builds on everything World does right, it also rideable war dogs A rich range of new features, including adds .

Above all, Rise introduces some exciting new mobility mechanics. With Wirebugs, your character is essentially armed with their own hook shots. Combine that with wall running and it's arguably the fastest and most fluid Monster Hunter has ever felt.

Rise also changes the way the mount works, replacing it with a Wyvern ride. Instead of climbing up next to an old dragon to punch him with weapons in hand, you'll use wire bugs to temporarily take control of the giant. So if you're having trouble taking down Nargacuga or Goss Harag, you have a new answer beyond repetitive card handling – bringing your own monster into battle.

New gameplay elements aren't the only things to get excited about either. Rise launches on PC with enhanced textures, unlimited frame rates, and ultra-widescreen support. In other words, playing Rise is just awesome by making you feel not only but also great visible .

Monster Hunter Rise officially launches for PC on January 12, 2022 for $59,99. May be you you can pre-buy it and find a demo here .


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