Monster Hunter Rise is coming to Steam.

Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PCs in January.

Capcom says it has also optimized keyboard and mouse controls for the PC version, and you can use voice chat to communicate with your hunting party members. As with the Switch version, you'll have the chance to try Monster Hunter Rise ahead of its PC launch with a demo coming to Steam on October 13.

Monster Hunter Rise Steam release date will be released on January 12, 2022.

For PC gamers whose only experience with the series is Monster Hunter World, Monster Hunter Rise is a more classically structured entry with each map divided into smaller regions. However, there are some new twists: you can use the new cable bug as a zipline and hook, and this also improves your combat moves. Also, in addition to your trusty Palico companion, Rise introduces new dog-like Palamutes that are happy to serve as mounts for hunters.


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