NBA 2K22 75th Edition Releasing 60s/70s Packs; 11 New Cards, New Locker Code

A new series of 11 brand new cards is entering the NBA 2K22 market, and another locker code is available for players to collect more online content.

NBA He may be a month away from his regular season, but NBA 2K22, with in-game updates and new content releases, it seems to be over yet. This week, 2K Games released new player ratings, a brand new upgraded Dark Matter card, and now a brand new pack is launching.

The new collection features legendary names such as Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, Dolph Schayes and Rick Barry and will be available in a new bundle version or separately from the market. The new package is part of the NBA's celebration of an important milestone, the league's 75th anniversary and competition. Each season of NBA 2K22 MyTeam brought a new decade of iconic superstars to collect and play. As players acquire all cards of a given decade, they will be rewarded with a DarkMatter card for their efforts.

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