Netflix Opens New Mobile Game Studio

The Netflix platform's move towards mobile games has been critically well received, with original streaming deals and clever partnerships to bring hits like Into the Breach and Before Your Eyes. However, the company is now preparing to take the next step with its newly built internal studio.

According to the announcement, the new studio will be headed by Marko Lastikka, who previously served as general manager at Zynga and EA. This will be Netflix's second studio in Helsinki, but the first to start from scratch after acquiring Next Games earlier this year. These two Helsinki developers will join Night School Studio and Boss Fight Entertainment in Netflix's portfolio of game studios.

The announcement also states that this is an early step, game development may take years and it may take some time before we start seeing actual products from the new studio.

Netflix treated its game offerings as part of its standard subscription service and offered game downloads as an added value on top of the usual movie and TV streaming. The games were for mobile devices only and were accessible by logging in through the Netflix app. The company model also mimics the popular Apple Arcade model, ensuring that players are free of ads and their games are free of microtransactions.

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