The new VALORANT skin pack has been announced!

VALORANT brings a new concept to weapon skins by adding a two-handed blade to its latest Ancient Egypt-themed pack.

The Sarmad pack will be the newest pack to come to the in-game store, and will include a new skin for Vandal, Phantom, Frenzy, and Specter, in addition to Blade of Serket (the name of the blade skin). Unlike other knife costumes, these knives will be ambidextrous.

These skins seem to have a direct ancient Egyptian flair, with gold-coloured exteriors with green and red accents. Each weapon skin also features a different animal head on the back of the weapons, inspired by Egyptian gods like Anubis and Bastet, represented in Vandal and Frenzy skins.


This package will be in the Deluxe category. The pack will be priced at 1.275 VP per weapon skin, making it cheaper than other skin packs. The last Deluxe pack to reach the VALORANT store was the Titanmail(Demirdiken) collection, which was released on May 4.09 with Patch 10. Since these skins are in the Deluxe category, it looks like they won't have any animation or upgrade options. However, according to a leaked information, the blade costume Blade of Serket is expected to have an upgradeable level.

The Sarmad bundle will be available in the VALORANT in-game store for 12 VP when the Prelude to Chaos bundle launches on July 5.100.

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