New World Players Being Robbed By Their Own Guild

Players in the New World rob their own guild called Corporations, become blind, then switch to a new Faction and conquer their old guild.

N ends, and players are easily informed about their ins and outs. Often this means discovering which New World armor sets are the best, which areas have death traps, and how not to cheat.

However, this last part N It becomes somewhat difficult to escape throughout the experience. From lack of visual polish to server issues to bots occupying the best resource raising spots, players loquats is faced with many problems. But what few can take into account is a major problem in the game's design.

Problem, New World'On The equivalent of guilds lies in Corporations. A Company is a player-owned and operated team that can control regions, tax players there, and engage in wars with other companies over the region. Each squadron, New World'yesterday under one of its three Factions. The Company's money is put into its treasury, accessible only to the Company leader (Governor). So they access it: they take all the money from the company, pocket it and run away. One player reported it on Reddit, and similar stories poured in like a flood.

The original post describes how this occurred in the weakest guild on a server, where the Governor and his closest friends took the money and ran away and transferred it to secondary game accounts under the banner of a different Faction. No one found them or the money they stole. A group of thieves took the incident a step further, and almost the same stories were reported. The former Governor formed a new division, then declared war on his old division, while his friends (still Consuls in the old division) chose their weakest members for defense. Needless to say, the thieves won. This problem suddenly appeared in the New World.on It has become one of the most necessary fixes.

Obviously players want something done about it, the most common thought is that a lot of bans are directed at the perpetrators. But those bans may not come anytime soon, seeing how New World's server transfers have been withdrawn and Amazon has already shrugged off its promises about the game. The Amazon may have larger fish to fry.

While the players may sympathize with the person being scammed, many find the situation hilarious and it's hard to blame them. It's such a simple exploit that it's unbelievable that no one saw it coming. Seems like N very true to the colonial experience: players use resources (with bots) and each other as much as possible, then run when there's nothing left to buy.


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