New World implements new AFK detection methods and penalties

Amazon Games is developing a new solution against players trying to bypass New World's AFK system.

In an update released late Saturday night, community manager HardcoreHenry posted an update on how they plan to deal with AFK players. Details were not included in the post.

Since the game was released on Monday, New World players have been aware of how awful queue times are, and many are trying to find ways to circumvent the automatic AFK player reduction system implemented by New World Developers to avoid it. Because when they return to the game, they expect a long queue time.

Many players automatically run to walls to escape the system, but autorun is known to not avoid a hit from the AFK timer, most players set macros to avoid afk.

Now those who are caught in the system for the first time will be taken to the main menu as if the AFK timer was working normally. However, if the behavior continues, New World will impose "harder" penalties. The post did not elaborate on what happened to players who continued to avoid the AFK system.


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