NICKMERCS signs new streaming deal with Twitch

NICKMERCS will remain on Twitch as part of its new streaming contract with the platform today.

Rumors swirled about NICKMERCS's hiatus and its return with a "big announcement." Many speculated that FaZe Clan's co-owner would be the last streamer to switch to YouTube. But Nick's announcement on Twitter reaffirmed his place on Twitch.

Details regarding the contract length and estimated value of NICKMERCS were not disclosed. Even though NICKMERCS took a short break from its broadcast, which will go live on September 24, it's still making waves in the news.

NICKMERCS became co-owner of FaZe Clan earlier this year. However, NICKMERCS was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine in June and became Under Armor's first player-athlete in August. The avid Buccaneers fan hosted a 6.000-person barbecue party at the New York Yankees' spring training facility in Tampa Bay last month.

At the height of the streaming wars, Twitch re-signing and securing one of the biggest names in the industry is definitely a big win for the site.


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