Nintendo Updates Educational Cartoons for Switch OLED

Educational cartoons for Nintendo Switch have been updated to include features of the latest model, the Nintendo Switch OLED.

Nintendo OLED Switch It has arrived, being a brand new model of Nintendo's current hybrid Switch console. While the differences aren't as big as some fans might have hoped, this new iteration of OLED has many advantages over its predecessors. These include changes to some aspects of its hardware, such as the new OLED display and larger internal storage. The dock even has a new built-in ethernet port, which can be helpful when fans are gaming online and while in the dock. All of these changes help provide the model with better visual and audio quality when playing in handheld mode.

With this new model of Nintendo Switch comes an understated change that most people don't know about. When you launch the console for the first time, or check the Nintendo Switch Information Center in the "News" tab on the Switch's home screen, it allows gamers to check out the latest firmware or hardware news for the console, as well as anything else. New tips and tricks for new players of the console. They contain small cartoon images that talk about the topic in question, how to use the screenshot function or set the console to desktop mode. These cartoons have been updated to use the Nintendo Switch OLED model.

This discovery was posted to the r/NintendoSwitch subdirectory by user Goodatbeingnoob. using the OLED model Nintendo Switch It shows the articles “Quick Introduction to Quick Settings” and “Where Can I Put the microSD Card” from the Knowledge Center channel. It is most noticeable in the cartoon when the console is used in tabletop mode with the larger support leg to support it for gaming.

The other cartoon shows a Ninja inserting the microSD card into the correct slot. The original indicates that the original Switch's smaller kickstand has been removed and inserted into the base. Updated with the OLED model, the cartoon uses the removed larger support leg and the slot location of the new microSD card. These updated cartoons can only be found if the player is using the OLED model, as going to these articles on the vanilla model still shows the kickstand and micro SD card slot of the original Switch.

Even with such a small and overlooked feature of the Switch OLED, these tutorials showcase continuity and reference materials about the current model the player is using. Based on the general perception of the new console, Nintendo Switch OLED It also appears to be a warmly accepted upgrade to the original.


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