OG Esports announces VCT 2022 roster

European organization OG announced the all-French VCT 2022 roster before the season started.

Despite trying different lineups from different nationalities, OG has been unable to compete on the international stage since the founding of the VALORANT scene. VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 – Stage 1 – Europe – Challengers 3 – Their first attempt at Play-Ins/Play-Offs lasted until the Playoff Final as they lost 2-0 to the subsequent tournament winner, Acend.

According to today's announcement, OG's VCT 2022 roster will consist of five French players. Benjamin “uNKOE” Chevasson, Theo “OniBy” Tarlier, Guillaume “Matelian” Kalka, Joey “fxy0EZ” Schlosser and Mathieu “LaAw” Plantin will compete under the OG uniform. uNKOE has been playing under the OG umbrella for a while, but other players are joining from different teams.

We saw uNKOE, LaAw and fxy0EZ playing together against Beşiktaş Esports last month at RUSH.GG – To Glory #10 and were unable to beat their opponents.

OG's VCT 2022 roster is as follows:

Benjamin “UNKOE” Chevasson

Theo “OniBy” Tarlier

Guillaume “Matelian” Kalka

Joey “fxy0EZ” Schlosser

Mathieu “LaAw” Plantin

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